by Marlento




released February 26, 2011

Intolerancia 2011



all rights reserved


Marlento Guadalajara, Mexico

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Track Name: As the world turns
Waiting. My watch ticking,
“Waiting for the miracle to come”
That’s what I’m listening in my headphones
While I wait for you under the sun.

This world is turning from day to night
The sun goes away laughing at me.

Forever waiting

Waiting. I’m getting older.
“Waiting for a miracle to come”
That’s what I’m listening in my headphones
As I realize that you’re not showing up.

This world is changing, it’s moving fast
The moon goes up there, I’m leaving now.
Track Name: Animal on fire
Well! I just can’t get to sleep
I’m rolling in my bed
Thinking of you again.

I Jump right out of bed,
Since I got nothing else to loose
I drive straight to your house.

Because I’m suffering now
Like I suffer what’s unfair.
I’m suffering you
And I don’t know what to do.

I sing a song by your window,
Howling, like an animal on fire,
You finally show up throwing junk at me,
Screaming, stubborn! Just get out of here!

But, why my love?.

For love that doesn’t die, kills you.
Love that kills just never dies.
Track Name: Six hundred butterflies postcard
Far away from where we live I found myself thinking of us
I went inside a small gift store to get a souvenir for you
From this tiny two horse town where we laid for the first time.

Finally I found something I knew you would like
Had colors so bright and clear, the kind you like to wear.

“600 butterflies”
The title of the postcard that I’ll send to represent my love,
To thank the gesture of the gods
Of how they arrange things up to have you in my life.

So I paid for the postcard and a needle set
The eyes of the clerk were like a mannequin
Split from there to the nearest bar I found and sat
Then on the back of the card I wrote with my own blood:

“I’m in the place were we first kissed
I’m drinking wine with you right now”
Track Name: Police Car
Blue uniform and my police car
Again Another day in hell
I’m an intoxicated human
The fumes of my own government

Innocence, why you abandoned me?
Now I’m a drain hole full of scum
I crossed the threshold to a place where
Corruption fucked me in the head.

Wait! I don’t like this! I want out!
Just now while I drive through the veins of the night
A shooting star crossed by the moon
I wished to go back and start all over!

I’m a professor, I teach 4th grade
One of my students just got killed
The killer was a drugged police man
I know it was no accident

I am a man of peace and god knows
How urgent hope is in this world,
I’m a civilian whose faith’s bleeding.
God please drop a bomb full of love!

Lord! I don’t like this! I need you!
Just now while I stare at your beautiful night
A shooting star crossed by the moon
How I wished to go back and start all over!
Track Name: Fourteen
He came to this world just like anybody else does,
Soon he learned there is good & there is bad,
Then he realized that his own life was such a privilege
For he knew that out there, there are lives in real great pain.

He read in books that in this world
There are no guarantees.
You live your life the best you can,
You can’t do more than that.

Aware that he hadn’t been around
He put on his jacket and folds in a little map,
Pulled out right from under his bed,
His savings by breaking the hell of a piggy bank.

I’m leaving now -he told his mother-
I’ll be traveling a month or two,
I want to feel how this life
Takes me by surprise.

His mother stood & stared -then said-
You are very young, but that’s fine son if you must go,
I love you, take care and don’t forget,
It’s Friday, on Monday you know you go back to school.
Track Name: Strangers after all (con Dafne Carballo DAK)
Hello, it is me! Just wanted to know how you been
Who am I? Well, I’m an old friend that met with you once
‘Bout a decade ago

Do you remember?
That day in our lives we were heroes just 4 one day!
Oh, yes I’m doing well
Little bit nervous for this time you picked up the phone,
How many nights all I got was the answering machine
Feeling the hell of your lovely voice drilling my soul

I do remember!
I thought I was never going to hear from you again
It was a glorious day,
You know that but that’s in the past, now of course things have changed
It was good to hear from you, take care now I have to hang up
I’m waiting for my man, ‘round this time is when he comes home

But I’ll remember
That day in our lives we were heroes just 4 one day!
Now I’m here
Little bit nervous for this time we spoke through the phone,
How many nights I demanded my pillow to see?
That things could be fixed so we both ended up in one dream.
Track Name: Ludo
Ludo did porn
He started at age 13
Homeless since the day he was born
Yes, porn provided his meals.

Flames on his face
Tattooed below his eyes
In memory of horrible flashbacks from his younger years
Because tears burned like that.

One day in a public restroom
He burst off resenting his rough life
And threw his bullet fist against himself
The mirror crashed, the sky fell down.

No one could see him
No one could witness the pain he felt inside.

Slamming the door he went out to the night,
To the streets and lights of a forest of skyscrapers,
Searching the sky for some god whom to ask;
Where’s my way back home?
-Lord! I no longer like this grinding filth
I’m taking the next train to start a new,
Please stay with me,
I want to be to be someone-.

The gods where smiling
Throwing a feast in honor of Ludo’s faith.
Track Name: Swimming
Drinking beer in a local place
Remembering when we were young & stupid
I brought up how a million miles ago we were both swimming
In the river of our greatest days.
You knew exactly those times of which I was talking about
You mentioned – Oh those glorious days-

The spiky hair, the air guitar, the rush of music in our ears
Those sessions in our room hearing all those records

Although it’s different now
And skin has changed
Our stubborn souls
Feel wrinkleless

Finally we left that local bar, we were both laughing
We just couldn’t stop Talking about
All those things when we were young
All those things when we were dumb

Driving around, both under age, the rush of music in our ears
The backseat of the car with our girlfriends on fire

Although it’s different now
And skin has changed
Our stubborn souls
Feel wrinkleless

One chance to do whatever pleases you the most
I like to smile at things that filled our souls with joy.
Track Name: Balloons
Friday night, off the clock, I knew I was driving anywhere but home.
Once inside my car I tuned the radio to an old station I like
“Sing a song 4 u” was just being played as I started driving.
Between the stars and the ocean drive I wandered along.

When music grows in my head like flowers
I feel balloons inside, it’s unbelievable!
To all those songs that changed our lives
Here I prize them all…I can’t recall them all.

On my way back home I felt like stopping for something to eat
I found a proper place, had a T-bone stake and a fine bottle of red wine
A jukebox played “the first time ever I saw your face”
Years ago I met the one I love while I was listening to it

We fell in love.

When music grows in my head like flowers
I feel balloons inside, it’s unbelievable!
To all those songs that saved my life
Here I prize them all…I can’t recall them all.

I made my way back home, slip into my bed
By my woman’s warmth.
Track Name: Pink Impala
Feel my heart in your hand,
Get your head next to mine, real close,
Hear the snakes in my mind Doll
How they calm down as you melt my ear.

Slow down we’re driving now
Your kissing is like a drug!
Please behave yourself,
Oh don’t you stop now.

There is nothing on earth I want more,
Than having you right here as my copilot girl,
Let’s drive all night until we get right by the coast
Both on fire as we are right now

We’ll park by the ocean shores,
Music, wind, and the stars,
Rum, you and I,
On a pink impala.

God! Sure all this sounds great!
Could this ever happen to me?

Lord! I don’t even have
One true love to daydream for real!